2019 Kalyn Siebert 40 Ton Mechanical Neck

Price: $10,000 to start production. (deposit only)


Capacity 100,000 lbs. concentrated in 16’. GAWR & tire rating determine legal loads
Overall Nominal
Dimensions 8’- 6” wide X 53’- 0” length. Gooseneck 10’- 11”, main deck 22'- 6", rear deck 19'- 7"
Gooseneck Adjustable 5 position ride height
Swing Clearance 84"
Upper Coupler 50” king pin height, 2” pin, and 15” setting
Hydraulics PTO (15 GPM, 2800 PSI Max) two 8” x 12” main & one 4”X 10” lift arm cylinders
Hydraulics Hydraulics lines at least 1/2" all with leak proof connections
Connections Hydraulic connections on both sides of gooseneck (for winching operations) and at rear of trailer

(for winching operations)(curb side of deck ,front and rear) w/ 4' jumper hoses

Load Space, Nominal 22'-6"
Main Deck Height,
Loaded 22” at rated capacity. 6” ground clearance
Beams Four beam design - 100,000 psi yield flanges and 80,000 psi yield web (minimum). All 4 beams are the same height. Mainbeam centers 38".Beams tapered like a paver trailer

Cross Members 6” I-Beams @9lb/ft on 12” centers
Floor 1-3⁄4” Apitong (full width)
Outriggers Ten(10) pair removable swing type (brackets raised to top flange), 1 pair heavy duty removable

hook-on type @ front of deck (PAINTED Siebert Red metallic)


Six D-rings per side on siderail , one each bogie outrigger side, one on top each bogie outrigger,
three on top in center where bogie starts , one on each inside bogie outrigger , two at rear bumper
and two on rear siderail per side



Tie Downs Tie down holes in top flange, outer beam both sides on approximately 24” centers. four chain

holes across rear approach plate. Slots on bogie outriggers
Tool Tray Expanded metal tool tray at front of lower deck, approximately 4’ long
Boom Trough Open between tires
Front Ramps Front fold up ramps (removable)
Ramps 6' aluminum front ramps for bus loading (two)
Ramp storage Ramp storage on side of gooseneck
Lugs on Rear Included for rear loading aluminum ramps
Bogie Ramp Manual raise / lower half ramp
Wheel Covers Open wheel area
Bogie Outriggers Outriggers wide spread with Rumber screwed on top on each bolster and at last axle
Suspension Ridewell Model 240 Air Ride, 60” spread, nylon shock straps, axle chains / cut off valves
Lift Axle Air bag lift axle on rear axle
Air Controls Automatic / Manual ride height control system. Manual regulator can be set based on load and

locked to a specific pressure. Manual dump valve standard

Scales Air Weigh scale system with com link
Axles Three axles, OEM, 5” round with 5/8” wall, tapered spindles, 25,000 lb. nominal capacity
Hubs 8 stud, hub piloted, long studs, steel hub
Drums Cast
Seals Oil
Brakes 12-1⁄4” X 7-1⁄2” Air (parking brakes axles #1 and #2))
ABS 4S/2M (axles #1 and #2)
Slack Adjusters Automatic slack adjusters
Wheels Polished aluminum wheels outside(painted BLACK) / steel wheels inside (6.75 X 17.5)
Tires OEM, 235/70R17.5, 16PR (Low Profile) radial tires
Tire Inflation Pressure Guard Tire inflation system
Spare One spare tire and aluminum wheel(PAINTED BLACK) mounted on gooseneck at front
Mud Flaps Black anti-spray with Kalyn Siebert logo
Winch on gooseneck 20,000 lb. capacity planetary hydraulic winch located at rear of gooseneck. Winch includes 100’ of

5/8” wire rope and shackle, fairing roller leads and cable tensioner

Winch at rear 20,000 lb. capacity planetary hydraulic winch located at rear of deck recessed in rear. Winch
includes 100’ of 5/8” wire rope and shackle, fairing roller leads and cable tensioner

Remote Control Two function wireless remote for both winches(two separate remotes)
Finishing (Paint & Trim) Shot blasted prior to paint. Epoxy primer and Metallic Silver polyurethane paint. Air, electrical and

hydraulic lines installed after painting is completed

Lights & electrical LED-Sealed beam with mid turn signal, 12 volt. 7-way plug. Third tail as strobe light with toggle

switch @ rear

Work Lights LED-Work lights on both winches for night operation
Battery Back-Up Back-up with charger and switch on rear winch for disconnected neck operation
Chain Storage Chain storage rack under gooseneck
Hazard Marking Tape Hazard tape on outer beams for night operation
Flag Holders Quick disconnect style at front and rear
Conspicuity Tape Discontinuous on sides
Oversize Load Sign None - Optional (brackets on rear bolster standard)
Manual One operator manual per order will be provided. Parts manual available as option
Warranty 5 year prorated frame warranty. 3 year prorated paint warranty. 1 year warranty on remainder of trailer

Weight 22,000 lbs. + 3%