NEW Fontaine Jeep (2 Axle)


Fontaine Tandem Axle Jeep (Fontaine 402 Jeep)

The Fontaine Tandem Axle Jeep offers a broad range of capabilities matched to handle the special requirements for the construction and commercial industry. As equipment gets bigger and heavier Fontaine and AXE develop solutions to keep your business on the move. You can count on us to get you there today... and down the road.

We focus on serving customers who make their living using lowboy trailers. Our customers appreciate the professional team that listens to their needs and responds with products that get the job done! Dedicated manufacturing facilities equipped with the latest technologies serve our customers with research and development, product design, engineering, materials specification, and durability testing (inside and outside). 

 All Fontaine trailers are engineered to exceed the toughest standards in the industry.