NEW Kalyn Siebert 40 Ton Full Width Hydraulic Neck (RGN)


The Kalyn Siebert 40 Ton Full Width Hydraulic Removable Gooseneck trailer was designed specifically for the safe and efficient front-loading of wheeled and tracked equipment. Every aspect of the design and construction of these trailers allows you to maximize your capacity and handle the demands of challenging load conditions with ease – including heavy-duty construction, lower center of gravity for added stability and multi-axle configurations.

All Kalyn Siebert trailers are engineered to exceed the toughest standards in the industry, delivering:
• Maximum strength at low tare weights
• Lowest maintenance costs
• Longest service life
• The highest possible return on investment
• Capacity 80,000 lbs
• Five position hydraulic removable gooseneck
• Deck/gooseneck design ensure easy hook-up
Four beam design - 100,000 psi minimum yield flanges / 80,000 psi minimum yield webs
• 18 ̋ loaded deck height / 6 ̋ ground clearance

You can rest assured that our trailers protect your payload and your investment.